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Watchmen Drum & Bugle Corps has been dedicated to educating young people.  We fulfill this mission by instilling in our members music and performance skills through the experience of participating in the drum and bugle corps activity, as well as life skills developed through experiencing the self-discipline and teamwork that is unique to our activity. During the competitive summer season, the members of the Watchmen will live, eat and learn together.  They will receive the highest level of instruction available and perform in the most competitive musical marching activity ever seen.

The members of the Watchmen are our most important asset, and their safety is our highest priority.  To that end, the Watchmen are governed by a strict code of conduct for all participants, staff, and volunteers and take any allegation regarding improper behavior of any kind seriously.  The Watchmen also have policies and procedures in place governing the proper reporting and investigation of any such allegations.  The Watchmen are dedicated to maintaining a supportive, safe, and healthy environment for all members, staff, and volunteers.  Those interested in reading these policies may find them here.

Watchmen Arts Association Board of Directors

  Whistleblower Policy  

All submissions are anonymous & confidential. You do not need to include your name or contact information.

However, if you would like a direct response, please do include your contact information or email whistleblower@watchmenartsassociation.org directly. 

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