Watchmen winter percussion is proud to announce our 2018 program  – ” Umbra Hominis: Shadow of Man “.

Underneath every conscious mind lies its opposite: the human subconscious. A chaotic and disorganized dimension of our own humanity, the unconscious rules our behaviors and thoughts without us even realizing it. Through the work of the distinguished and controversial Carl Gustav Jung, our underside has been flipped right-side up to be seen by all.

“Umbra Hominis: Shadow of Man” is an exploration of the shadow – an archetype of the human unconscious. It has and will always be part of us, like the iceberg’s unseen, submerged underbelly.

The shadow harbors our repressed thoughts, feelings and instincts; from it projects our desires for the manifestation of our true form. The less we understand it, the blacker and darker the shadow becomes. Without it, we are not whole.

To become whole, we must integrate with the shadow and cast off our false selves. By tearing off the persona, and channeling the shadow, we become masters of fate. “Umbra Hominis: Shadow of Man” is a journey of Jungian introspection down into the depths of the unconscious and back out, making us whole and ready to take on life.