Watchmen are pleased to announce the Visual Staff team for the 2018 season.

Visual Staff

Photo of Brian Shay
Brian Shay
Drill Designer

Brian Shay is an accomplished veteran designer who has staged hundreds of shows for the international marching arts competitive community. His custom show designs have helped performance ensembles earn many division titles and visual caption awards at the regional level and in the WGI, DCI, BOA arenas. Brian was the drill writer for the Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets drum & bugle corps for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. Brian joined the visual design team for The Watchmen in 2016.

Photo of Israel Martinez
Israel Martinez
Visual Caption Head

Israel has been with the Temescal Canyon High School marching band as the visual caption head since the fall of 2007. He has worked as a marching tech with the Vista Murrieta Golden Alliance in 2005.

He marched contra with the Santa Clara Vanguard in 2005, euphonium with RCC Marching Tigers from 02-04, and tuba with the Santa Ana Winds Youth Marching Band.

Photo of John Cross
John Cross
Visual Technician

John Cross has teaching marching and visual instruction in Southern California since 1994. Starting out with the Grossmont School District at Helix High School and then with Rancho Buena Vista High School. He moved to Orange County was started working with El Dorado High School and then with Mission Viejo High School for the last 6 years.

He is planning to move to Riverside and this last year worked with Ramona High School & Martin Luther King High School. John started his drum corps experience with the Velvet Knights Drum and Bugle corps back 1980 – 1982, he then joined the Impulse Drum and Bugle staff in 1997 – 2002 and then was elected to the Board of Directors for a couple of years.

Wanting to still perform he has performed with the San Francisco Renegade Senior Drum and Bugle corps for the last couple years and is also on the Board of Directors. John is excited to work this year with the Watchmen group after seeing their performances last year, it is going to be a great year. John is currently living in Riverside, CA.

Photo of Pat Bocker
Pat Bocker
Visual Technician

I began marching in Drum Corps in 1978 with Cadets of Greece from Rochester, NY. I marched with them through 1981. In 1982 Cadets of Greece split up, half the corps members going to Fusion (junior corps) and Rochester Lockport Renegades (also junior corps) I chose to follow Vince Bruni and joined the Renegades After the DCI season of 1982, I entered the United States Marine Corps and was a mellophone player with the Drum and Bugle Corps in 29 Palms, CA. 1985 was my age-out year so I took 30 days leave from the Marine Corps and flew back to New York and joined the A-class Northmen from Rochester, NY playing soprano. It was a great age out year as we placed top 5 in A-class at Madison, WI.

This was my last year marching drum corps for 24 years as no all age corps was close to me
in Southern CA. In 2009 all that changed. So Cal Dream changed their location to about 5 minutes from my home. I joined Dream I marched 2009 & 2010 with Dream. In 2011 I fulfilled my personal dream and marched Empire Statesmen. This was going to be a one year and done since I was commuting from CA. 2012 and went back to Dream. Once our season completed, I began the weekly commute to Rochester and filled a baritone hole for the Statesmen. 2013 was the 30th anniversary and final year for Empire Statesmen, so I once marched with Statesmen. In 2014 Dream went inactive so I marched Fusion Core. I remained with Fusion 2014-2016. I retired after the 2016 season, but early August of 2017,  I was contacted by a member of Kidsgrove Scouts from the United Kingdom, saying they lost a trumpet player due to injury.  I contacted their corps director and once again found myself on the football field learning drill 3 days before the Reading, PA show. I finished out the season with Kidsgrove competing at DCA Championships, DCUK championships and Drum Corps Europe championships. 2017 I also decided it was my chance to give back to drum corps after all those years. I began to instruct at Watchmen. I continue to teach them this year as well. As 2017 ends, the 2018 drum corps season begins, and I too begin a new phase in my drum corps career.  At the annual meeting for Drum Corps Associates I was elected as Vice President of DCA. I look forward to 2018 working the administrative side of the organization and teaching at the DCI level.

Photo of Michael Nash
Michael Nash
Tour & Marketing Manager, Staff Coordinator, Visual ConsultantADMINISTRATION STAFF

Michael has a long history in the marching arts, starting back in 1973 as a member of the Chevaliers of Waterloo, Iowa which later became the Royal Chevaliers in 1975. In 1976, Michael moved on to march with the Osage Precisionaires of Osage, Iowa. Michael moved to the west coast and found a home with the South San Francisco Conquistadors, marching with them in the 1979 and 1980 seasons.

After a long hiatus from the activity, he resumed his marching career with the San Francisco Renegades Senior Corps in 1998 and performed for three years with them. In 2002, he was part of the management team that started the all age SoCal Dream Drum and Bugle Corps. Michael served in many roles for several years for this successful organization, including President of the Board, Corps Director, Visual Tech, Tour Manager, and a member of the hornline.

Michael has taught all levels of drum corps and high schools. He served as a visual tech for the St. Paul Scouts (1979), Logan High School (1984-85), Impulse (2000-2001), SoCal Dream (2005-2006), Renegades (1998) Gabrielino High School (2006-2007), Norco High School (2010-2011), and Los Amigos High School (2014).  Visual Caption Head for the highly successful Dynasty Marching Band of Ramona High School in Riverside, CA. (2016-2018)

Michael resides in Huntington Beach, CA with his wife of 35 years and has a great career in the automobile industry.