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Video Auditions

Video auditions are accepted year round. No matter where you are in the world, we want to see what you’ve got. Pay your fee below in order to download the audition materials, then create your audition video, upload it to your preferred video hosting platform and then return here to submit it.

Before you fill out this form, upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo. Be sure to set it to unlisted so that it will not be available for public consumption. However, be sure that it is not set to private. Otherwise, we won’t be able to see it.



For the video, please include a short introduction, talking about your experience and why you wish to join Watchmen Front Ensemble. Further, include the exercises/techniques/styles as provided below, for your instrument of choice.

Scales and Arpeggios: 100bpm, 180bpm
Emaj, Dbmin with two
Bbmaj with four
Green #2: 70bpm, 140bpm
Amaj, Fmaj with two
Cmin with four
Any 4-Mallet Block chord exercise
Single alternating
Lateral strokes
1-2 min excerpt.

Major Scales: Both hands, two octaves
D, F#, and G
Arpeggios: Both hands, one octave
Db, Fmin, and Bb
1-2 min excerpt

Grooves: rock, funk, halftime shuffle, reggae, bossa.
nova, samba, 4/4 swing, mambo, and soca.
1-2 min excerpt.

Green #1: 80bpm, 100bpm
Cmaj, Ebmaj
Long Roll: pp
ff>pp over 4 measures.
1-2 min excerpt

Bass Guitar
Scales: Two octaves
Emin, Gmaj, and Cmin
Green #2: Bass Clef, 80bpm, 100bpm
Cmaj, Gbmaj, and Bmaj
1-2 min excerpt



For the battery audition video please demonstrate basic technique including 8s, double beat, accents and taps, 16th and triplet timing, rolls, flams, and a solo no longer than two minutes. Quads please demonstrate basic around on all exercises as well. Include a 1-2 minute introduction explaining your experience and why you want to be apart of Watchmen.


Prepare and perform the specific material listed below – there will be no sight reading.

1.Prepared Selection

  • Select and perform a 1.5 to 2-minute etude or solo excerpt of your choice
  • Excerpts may be performed on any brass instrument (Trombone, French Horn, etc.)
  • Suggestions include all -State material, Class 1 solos or standard repertoire for your instrument
  • Make sure that the excerpt includes both a technical and lyrical portion
2.Technique Exercises – Watchmen Audition Material

  1. Remington’s – This exercise is used to focus on creating the best warm sound by shaping your oral cavity. Initial attack should be made with a Doh articulation followed by an ohh vowel as you depress your Valves. Make sure you are holding notes full value and using big, warm, slow air.
  2. Lip Slurs-These two exercises are designed to do three different things. First, lip slurs when practiced properly
    can build endurance by developing the muscles in your embrouchure. Second, lip slurs when practiced
    properly can help build range. Finally, proper sluring technique will train you to use your oral cavity
    and air stream to change from partial to partial. Please observe all breath marks and use descending
    chromatic alternate fingerings.

3. Goldman Short Etude -This etude is designed to work on your articulation. Performers should use ta articulation

  1. for each staccato note. Please pay attention to the articulations that aren’t staccato. Make
    sure you keep the air moving as to allow the tongue to lightly tap the hard pallet. Take the
    exercise slow and pay close attention to the patterns. The form of the etude is ABA.

  • Perform each exercise with an audible metronome while marking time.
4. Moving & Playing – Watchmen Audition Material

  • 4 – Note Lip Slur at 3 Tempos – Quarter Notes = 80 / 144 / 180
  • Perform each exercise with an audible metronome while marching the box drill exercise
  • Utilize the visual technique you feel most comfortable performing
Fill out the contact information form & make a payment below to receive audition material

Once you have your musical audition video prepared and uploaded, please send an email with a link of your video audition to:
Link to your music audition video(s)
Your full name
Birth date and current age
Mailing address
Phone number
Active email address
Section for which you are auditioning
Previous drum corps and/or marching band experience

Email your video to: David Becker at Send Mail

In order to receive audition material please fill out form and payment in full

Make Payment Here: [btnsx id=”1496″]