Watchmen Equipment Trailer Capital Campaign

In order to grow and build for the future of the Watchmen organization, we acquired a much needed 48 ft semi-trailer that will be utilized for equipment and supply storage. This trailer, however, is in need of some substantial repairs and rehabilitation. We are establishing a capital campaign fund to raise $20,000 to fully upgrade this trailer, including making it road worthy, complete new paint job, and a interior customization to accommodate our equipment and supplies.

We need YOUR help. And every little bit does help! Please consider giving for the future of this great organization that’s already touched the lives of 100’s of young people.

Be a Watchmen Supporter

Building through Sponsorship Watchmen Drum & Bugle Corps are looking for sponsors who share a strong dedication and commitment to their customers and members. Sponsorship makes it possible for us to help more members and fans achieve more of their musical objectives. Through sponsorship we will be able to offer lower tour fees, dues and purchase equipment to, help our members become a greater success, develop more projects that benefit members, plus much more. We are not looking for free hand outs; therefore, here are some ways we are willing to give back to our sponsors.

Name/ Logo on Equipment Trailer

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What we are looking for: We are looking for financial, as well as other types of sponsorship. For example, we understand that everyone who wants to help can’t always help economically; therefore, any type of sponsorship that you can provide us to help us grow would be greatly appreciated If you’re interested in sponsoring us please contact a Watchmen Representative at (714) 878-1149 for more information