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Operating a drum corps requires a huge investment of time and money, while trying to maintain the high standards of excellence. For all of our members who wear the Watchmen uniform each year, we are committed to providing them with quality training and the finest equipment.

The day-to-day operations can be a costly adventure.  Uniforms, travel, instruments, equipment, fuel, food, and insurance are only part of the expenses. Dues, tour fee, merchandise sales, and performance fees only cover part of what is needed to cover the cost of running the organization.

Watchmen Drum & Bugle Corps have launched an ambitious capital improvement campaign for an equipment trailer, percussion, bugles and uniforms. During the next several months, the corps will organize many fundraising ventures. In order to meet our goal additional funding is still needed.

About us:

Watchmen Drum and Bugle Corps is comprised of members (ages 15-21), talented, and dedicated individuals recruited from high schools, community colleges  within the vicinity of Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego areas in California. This is our sixth year in operation. Our instructors and staff are dedicated and most of whom are professional musicians and educators. As a result of their commitment, the final product is a field performance that includes precision marching, creative pageantry, and superb musicianship. The ultimate objective is to go on a national tour during the summer to perform and compete at the highest level. The rewards will be the achievement of captivating and receiving praises from the audience.

Be a Watchmen Supporter

Building through Sponsorship Watchmen Drum & Bugle Corps are looking for sponsors who share a strong dedication and commitment to their customers and members. Sponsorship makes it possible for us to help more members and fans achieve more of their musical objectives. Through sponsorship we will be able to offer lower tour fees, dues and purchase equipment to, help our members become a greater success, develop more projects that benefit members, plus much more. We are not looking for free hand outs; therefore, here are some ways we are willing to give back to our sponsors.

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What we are looking for: We are looking for financial, as well as other types of sponsorship. For example, we understand that everyone who wants to help can’t always help economically; therefore, any type of sponsorship that you can provide us to help us grow would be greatly appreciated If you’re interested in sponsoring us please contact a Watchmen Representative at (714) 878-1149 for more information