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It is through her daughter’s interest in colorguard that she joined the ranks of being a band mom. Music has never come naturally to her, in fact she tells her drum corp kid, “I listen to you with the heart and the ears of a mom, no way can I ever critique you. To me, they are always great.” The gift she brings to the drum corps is the gift of organization, administration and financial prudence.

She is married to a wonderful, loving and patient man and the mother to two beautiful girls. One is gifted with the grace of a colorguardian and the other is gifted with strength and the will to live. When band, winterguard, winterdrumline and drum corps are not taking up her time, she is a business banker for a national financial institution. She has an MBA in finance with a certification in financial statement analysis.

“All we do and all we have is by the grace of God and his grace is sufficient. I am thankful that He has allowed me to share my non-musical gifts in such a way that I am able to contribute to the enjoyment and benefit of our kids.”

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