The 2018 Caption Heads, staff, and administration of Watchmen Arts’ Drum and Bugle Corps are pleased to present the 2018 Member Leadership!

With the expectation of communicating the needs, concerns, and hilarious pictures of the corps members they’ll be working tirelessly with the staff and captions to create an endless loop of feedback between all levels of the entire organization.

Watchmen Leadership Team 2018  
Guard Leaders:
Alexis Zander – Co Captian
Kaitlynn Hoffman – Co Captian
Brass Leaders:
Karina Ramirez – Horn Sgt.
Sammi Mejia – Horn Sgt.
Kallel MIlls – Trumpet Section Leader
Allyson Ward – Mello Section Leader
MacLean Dickey – Baritone Section Leader
Sam Battelo – Contra Section Leader
Battery Leaders:
Mario Godinho – Snares/Battery Captain
Martin Clemente – Tenors
Carlos Lujan – Basses
Front Ensemble Leaders:
Rebekah Moran – Co-Captain
Aidan Scroggins
Watchmen Arts’ Board members, Executive Director, Assistant Director, parents and supporters will look to this leadership team for the perspective on how well program grows exponentially alongside its members and fans across the world.