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Audition Fee: $50 (One time Fee)

Audition Payment Here: Payment


  • When will audition material be available? Audition fee payment $50 required to download Audition Packets Payment
  • May I submit a video audition?Yes Click Here for more information
  • Who are the instructors for 2020? Click Here
  • What is the approximate cost for a member for 2020? Member tuition will be announced at auditions.. That fee is all inclusive and covers instruments, instruction, travel and more. LOW on cash? No problem! Dues payments are paid in installments, supported by fundraisers, AND are tax deductible for donors.
  • What do I need to bring to Auditions? Click Here for more information
  • I’m low on cash but still want to march. Will there be fundraiser opportunities for members? YES – We will have several fundraisers AND a donation sheet for our members. Financial assistance is available for those who ask and make an effort in the corps.
  • My parents are skeptical about me joining a drum corps. May they speak with a staff member? YES – Our recruiting team will be at marching contest throughout the West this fall.
  • For the Parent Why Drum Corps Drum Corps International Parent Information
  • Parent requirements – Members 18 year of age and under must attend our Meet & Greet Meeting on Audition Days
  • LIKE our Facebook page for information. In addition, your parents may contact David Becker by email at: