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Watchmen Drum Major Jacobo Herrera attended Drum Corps International “Drum Major Summit” during the 2019 DCI Annual Meeting in Indianapolis on January 11th – 13th. This was the 10th year of the seminar and Watchmen was one of 35 corps were represented from DCI’s membership.

Led by a cadre of former legendary DCI drum majors, Jacobo thoroughly enjoyed himself meeting new people, networking and bonding with the other drum majors from the World and Open Class Corps. He acquired a lot of information at this year’s seminar including a fascinating “behind the scenes” look at some of the technical aspects of audio recording of finals.  DCI staff was very welcoming and helped Jacobo acquire new information to help Watchmen grow.

”It was great being able to just be myself and not the ‘leader’, Jacobo remarked.  He got to learn how to manage members who are having a hard time or rough day and how to better aid people having emotional or mental challenges during the season. Jacobo added: “I also learned more about the components of how to be an effective leader and how to be a ‘big brother’”. He stated that he learned about maintaining respect and at the same time being compassionate.

Jacobo said it wasn’t just work–there was plenty of fun.  The drum majors all visited the Discovery Percussion Center, toured the DCI offices, got to see the legendary “Founder’s Trophy” as well as a host of pictures of corps through the years.  With snowfall during the trip, there was ample opportunity for the drum majors to let their hair down and play in the snow as well as socialize at local eateries, a favorite being the well-known local Steak and Shake.