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Riverside City College Drum Major – Fall 2019

Congratulations to Ariel McAnulty, one of our 2019 Drum Majors! She was named one of the Drum Majors for the Riverside City College marching band this upcoming Fall season. We are proud to see her furthering herself in the conducting world and with the RCC marching band.

Latest News

Ultimate Drill Book Giveaway

UDB Tour Fee Giveaway

UDB is awarding over $4000 to help students march drum corps in 2020. The competition culminates in a live competition on the field during semi-finals. The winner will have their tuition paid for by Ultimate Drill Book for their first season of drum corps. Get more information at
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Watchmen partners with Ultimate Drill Book

Watchmen is extremely excited to introduce our newest partnership with Ultimate Drill Book.  Just as the season is ramping up for the corps 2019 field show. This year our members will have full access to the UDBapp and dot books, bringing to the performers the latest in technology and state of the art tools for success in accurate and efficient drill learning.  Our visual instructors, designer and members could not be more excited! Thank you UDB.

Check out the UDB website to learn more:

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Watchmen Announce 2019 Production

Watchmen Announce 2019 Production – Gods of the Nile

Entering in their sixth year of existence, the Watchmen Drum and Bugle Corps is stronger than ever.  Starting as a brass ensemble in 2013, Watchmen has grown into a full size open class corps and will be touring this year in California, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.  This year’s production is entitled “Gods of the Nile”, take a journey with them down the Nile . The original composition by the talented Paul Rendon, Brandon Johnson and Marcel Barragán will provide the background for a musical and visual journey as the corps explores the mythological tapestry of ancient Egypt and it’s most famous natural resource, the majestic Nile River.  Known as the “bringer of life”, much of Egyptian mythology and religion focuses in and around the Nile. From birth to death, from peace to war, and love to anger, the Gods of the Nile provided ancient Egyptians with guidance and direction through life. Music and visual design will bring to life these gods and the time of Ancient Egypt.

Original Artwork by Spaceweaver – 2013